Package Deal Infected Mushroom – IM 25 2LP + Hoodie


With a career spanning a quarter century, legendary Israeli duo Infected Mushroom continue to celebrate their 25-year anniversary year with a real treat for the fans, a special limited edition 2LP release of the latest studio album ‘IM25’.
The 2LP set will come in a high standard gatefold cover & colored vinyl, just like the previous LP drops, limited to 1,000 copies only, and with a special stickers page insert. Oh, and to keep things special we’ve added a bonus track that doesn’t appear on the digital album release…. go check the track list..
The full-length masterpiece, ‘IM25.’ From the reggae-infused colloaboration with ‘Hatikva6’  “Business As Usual” to the Hebrew cyber-pop single, “Zazim Beyhad (We Move Together),” with May Sfadia, and onto ‘A Cookie from space’ with Bliss, the ‘IM25’ album is chock full of diverse records across genres and languages that demonstrate their legacy in electronic music. Having worked with disparate icons like Lady Gaga and Korn, the duo have cemented themselves as highly skilled producers with experimentation at their core.
Infected Mushroom explore new techniques on ‘IM25’ that achieve their kaleidoscopic vision for the package, as seen on tracks like “Billy On Mushrooms,” an unexpected yet brilliant pairing of glitch hop and thrashing electric guitars. As they continue to reinvent themselves without straying from the project’s roots in the late ’90s, they welcome a melting pot of collaborators to flavour the milestone LP with eclectic sounds and perspectives from Ninet Tayeb, Hope 6, Nick Hexum, Bliss, May Sfadia, Joseph E-Shine, and Mr. Bill.
Infected Mushroom share,Each and every album of Infected Mushroom is a defining moment in time that displays the prolific nature of our work. ‘IM25’ is experimental; it pushes the boundaries of dance music and celebrates a quarter century of the evolution of our sound. It’s impossible to capture our gratitude for this crazy ride, and for all of the wonderful people in our lives. Here’s to another 25.
‘IM25’ 2LP track list
  1. Black Velvet feat Ninet Tayeb (4:08)
  2. While I’m in the mood (6:32)
  3. Latrib ani utruch remix feat Dudu Tassa & Berry Sakharof (4:28)
  1. Boss La Rosh feat Bliss (6:41)
  2. A Cookie from space feat Bliss (10:19)
  1. It’s behind me now (7:50)
  2. Turkish Nights (5:26)
  1. Zazim Beyahad (We move together) feat May Sfadia (3:26)
  2. Lies & Deceptions (3:16)
  3. Business as usual feat Hatikva 6, Hexum (2:55)
  4. Serious Times feat Hatikva 6 (3:13)
  5. Billy on Mushrooms feat Mr.Bill (4:41)
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