Package Deal Infected Mushroom – Reborn 2LP + Beanie

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Get ready for a new journey back to the golden age of Psytrance music with REBORN, Infected Mushroom’s new & long-awaited studio masterpiece.
REBORN features nine of their most iconic trance anthems, meticulously reimagined and reproduced with a modern production edge.
Legions of fans, or as they’re called by Amit & Erez, the army of mushrooms, have been waiting patiently for the past couple of months for this album to come out, and finally, the wait is over. Being such a controversial album that it is,  there has been huge chatter over the social networks on each and every one of the tracks.
Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, the creative masterminds behind Infected Mushroom, have poured their hearts and souls into this project, painstakingly recreating each track from scratch while preserving the essence of the originals. The result is a collection of timeless classics that sound as fresh and exhilarating as ever.
REBORN is a must-have for any fan of Infected Mushroom or Trance music in general. It’s a celebration of the duo’s groundbreaking contributions to the genre and a testament to their enduring legacy.
REBORN is available now on all major streaming platforms, and also as a limited edition double-gatefold high-quality vinyl.
REBORN is scheduled for February 2024 release but until Infected Mushroom will let it fans get their hands on ‘Release Me REBORN’ (Nov’ 29th) and ‘Dream Theater REBORN (Dec’ 22nd).