Is the site secure?

The site is secured by the SSL protocol currently accepted for securing information on online shopping sites. The site was examined by the security departments of the credit companies and they were given their approval after careful and meticulous examination.

I do not have a credit card, can I pay by cash or by check?

Cash is only available in the warehouse (no checks are accepted).

The site can only be purchased with credit card and PAYPAL.

When do you charge my account?

The charge is made at the end of the order through one of the leading clearing companies in Israel.

On the day of shipment, we make sure that all ordered products match the products in the package.

If you choose to add a product before the package is sent by mail, or one of the products is not in stock

And you have chosen not to wait for it to return to inventory, we will automatically credit or debit your account accordingly.

I received an “error message” on the payment screen What should I do?

The site undergoes updates and upgrades regularly.

If you have not entered your credit card details, please complete the form and we will contact you to complete your credit details and continue processing.

Does registration cost money?

No. Registration does not cost money.

The registration provides (among other things) the possibility of tracking the status of the order and shipping the package in the personal account on the site.


Can I purchase a product over the phone?

A telephone purchase can be made if the customer has a valid credit card.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

The entrance to your personal area is carried out by e-mail address and password.

The system retrieves the password that corresponds to the email address you have subscribed to and sends it immediately to the same address.

To restore the password, enter the registration page.

I do not remember which address I signed up for when booking, how can I find out?

After connecting to the site, in the personal area, there is an option to update the details, where all the last personal information entered into the system are found.

I’m interested in other products that are not on the site – how can I invite them?

There are dozens of products on the site, but they do not cover all the inventory that can be ordered. Email must be sent to customer service

With the names of the additional products you wish to order and we will let you know if they are in stock and if not and whether we can order them

Especially for you. If the products exist, they will be uploaded to the site and will send you an update/link that the product is in stock and available for purchase on the site.

Are there shipments to the whole country?

of course. There are shipments to all parts of Israel and the world.

For shipping policies and costs.

I ordered a certain product and got another product instead – what should I do?

FIrsly – please let us know asap. 

Afterward, the product must be shipped back in its original packaging, In the event of our mistake, the shipping charges will be on the account of the T-yrics solely.

For us to be able to reimburse the shipping fee you may occur of such mistake – do make sure to attach the shipping invoice to the product once returning it to T-yrics

I bought a product and I want to replace it – what should I do?

A product will be replaced as long as it is closed in its original packaging and accompanied by the original invoice indefinitely.

A product that will be opened will not be replaced.

You can send the product to us and specify which product you want instead.

Please specify the contact details so that we may charge or credit you for the difference (if any), including shipping charges.


How long does it take to arrive?

Once the package is ready and sent to the mail / or courier service depending on the type of shipping you have paid, we update the status of the order and the system sends you an email with

reservation number.

We at T-yrics make every effort to send you the products that you ordered quickly and shortly as we can. 


How do I track the package?

In the personal area, the order confirmation of the shipment number is attached. In order to track package sta, us there is

Enter the Israel Post site and enter the shipping number. The mail site lets you know when the package arrived

To a branch near your home. The address indicated on the package will send a confirmation note that the package will arrive at the branch and you can access the post office (indicated on the note) and collect the package.


Click here to link to the shipping tracking.


How long does it take and what is the cost of shipping abroad?

Delivery time depends on the type of shipment you choose and in the country of destination.

EMS fast delivery – the Delivery time between 5-7 working days from the moment shipped, depending on the destination country.

Delivery by regular registered mail – between 10 and 25 working days from the moment shipped, depending on the country of destination.

  • Time frames above are referring to the time after the package is received with the spoken carrier and in accordance with the client receiving shipment approval from T-yrics
  • Costs are determined by package weight.
  • shipping options&costs 


I canceled an order – will I be charged a cancellation fee?

If the order has not yet been sent, the customer will not be charged cancellation fees.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”), cancellation fees will be charged at the rate

Not to exceed 5% of the price of a product or NIS 100, whichever is lower. If the package has been sent and charged

For which payment from the post office, the cancellation fee will also include the cost of the shipment.